An illustration of a form that is the start of the registration process for infrastructure owners.

Why register your infrastructure?

Aside from the legal requirement to do so, it is in your best interest to avoid accidental interference by an excavator. Disruptions of underground infrastructure could cause business interruptions, damage to buildings, personal injury, even death.

Why register


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Use this form to start the process of registering your infrastructure.

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An illustration of a number of documents that represents the resources that ON1Call offers its members.

Terms and conditions of membership

Learn the terms and conditions of ON1Call membership as outlined in the Ontario government legislation.

Terms & Conditions

A picture of a question mark. This section answers many of the questions that infrastructure owners have about getting locates and managing their accounts.

Owner resources

ON1Call offers infrastructure owners resources to answer any questions about becoming a member, what information is required and how locates are performed.

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