A picture of a pick-up truck. Contractors need to set up an account to manage their locates.

Contractors are responsible for getting locates

As the contractor doing the digging, you’re responsible for getting the locate for your jobs. Be sure to leave enough time so you any infrastructure is marked and you can dig safely. Remember, hitting infrastructure can result in serious damages, injuries and liability. Don’t take the risk. Call 1-800-400-2255 to sign up for an account and get free locates!

Don’t take the risk. Get a free locate!

A picture of an ON1Call account page for a contractor.

Manage locates on your account

Once you set up your account, you can check the status of all your locates with one simple log in. You can also schedule new locates. Your user name and password give you instant access to all of your activities.

Request a locate

A picture of a question mark. This section answers many of the questions that contractors have about getting locates and managing their accounts.

Contractor resources

These resources will help you work more efficiently and answer questions you may have about how we work, which Infrastructure owners we serve, how to read a locate and how to view the status of your locates.