March Training Webinar – Member Edition

Are you or your administration staff looking to gear up for the coming digging season?

Ontario One Call provides excavator and member training free of charge via an annual webinar series in March using GotoWebinar.

This training is a webinar so no in person trainer will attend your office.  You can connect to any  of Ontario One Call’s seminars or discussions by clicking any of the links below.  Please RSVP to any of the courses you wish and feel free to forward this note to others you feel should attend.  These courses are open to anyone.  The course material is repeated each day.

There is a special Member Training course regarding upcoming changes to the Ontario One Call system.  It is highly encouraged that you attend this course.

You will receive a reminder email before the webinar starts.  All times indicated are in Eastern Standard Time.

Some courses may have draws or awards for participation.

This year, we have designed courses for many situations:

A web Refresher, for those looking to revitalize their skills using our web portal interface;

Tips and Tricks for a Better Web Ticket covering some of the best practices we’ve daylighted in the past few months using the new online form;

A course on relocates titled “Don’t Get delayed – Relocates and You” where we will discuss how the relocate option works and how best to use it;

A review of the upcoming changes  covering how Ontario One Call selects which member it will notify – a fundamental change to the system;

and Ontario One Call – A to Z, which is designed for your new employees as sort of an orienteering course in locates.


This March, please select one or more of the following:


Map Selection Notification and You ***Special Member Training*** (Duration: 1 hr)

Discover the changes to the notification system that are coming December 2017.  This special member training, while open to all, is geared to Members only.

March 6 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 7 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 13 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 14 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 20 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 21 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 27 – 1pm to 2pm:

March 28 – 1pm to 2pm:


Web Refresher (Duration: 1 hr)

This course is for people who are familiar with the locate process.  Dust off your skills and maybe learn some new techniques with Ontario One Call’s staff.  We will be including training on the changes that occurred December 2016.

March 6 – 9am to 10am:

March 7 – 9am to 10am:

March 13 – 9am to 10am:

March 20 – 9am to 10am:

March 21 – 9am to 10am:

March 27 – 9am to 10am:

March 28 – 9am to 10am:


Tips and Tricks for a Better Web Ticket (Duration: 1 hr)

We have discovered much since making some changes in December 2016.  Come join us for a showcase of the best practices your peers have come up with as well as a discussion for what the future may hold for the web portal in 2017.

March 6 – 10am to 11am:

March 7 – 10am to 11am:

March 13 – 10am to 11am:

March 14 – 10am to 11am:

March 20 – 10am to 11am:

March 21 – 10am to 11am:

March 27 – 10am to 11am:

March 28 – 10am to 11am:


Don’t Get Delayed: Relocates and You (Duration: 1 hr)

Are you having challenges getting the relocate you need?  Join us to discuss how the relocate system works, how you can get a relocate and what to do if you encounter an issue.

March 6 – 11am to 12pm:

March 7 – 11am to 12pm:

March 13 – 11am to 12pm:

March 14 – 11am to 12pm:

March 20 – 11am to 12pm:

March 21 – 11am to 12pm:

March 27 – 11am to 12pm:

March 28 – 11am to 12pm:


Ontario One Call A – Z (Duration: 3 hrs)

This course is for people new to excavation or underground damage prevention. It provides a brief history, an overview of laws concerning excavation and follows the entire locate process from planning to shovel in the ground.

March 1 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 2 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 8 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 9 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 16 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 22 – 1pm to 4pm:

March 23 – 1pm to 4pm:



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